10 Minutes With… Candrell (C.J.)

At VOCEL, teachers encourage children to share ideas, and these ideas guide our discussions and activities. This helps children internalize the concept that their ideas are important and their opinions matter. Kick back with a cup of ‘jo and join us as VOCEL children share their ideas via “coffee” chats. Today, we introduce you to Candrell (C.J.).


 Good morning, C.J. I’m going to interview you, or ask you some questions, and I’ll write down your responses so we can put your ideas and picture on the VOCEL blog. First, can you tell me about your family? 

“My family is Alana, Aiden, Jeremiah, Mama & one Nia. Actually two Nias. One time we was playing with Aubrey (C.J.’s baby niece).

What is your favorite part about coming to school at VOCEL? 

“I like to go to school with the new friends and Ms. Ruth and the older boys (middle school students in our co-location). I want to go to school with a lot of C.J.s at the next school.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

“I want to be a police officer. I want to be a fake police offer, not a real police officer because I don’t want to shoot anyone.”

What do you like about living in Chicago?  

“It has animals and trucks. And shark-dolphins. Shark-dolphins eat C.J.s. No, they eat teachers but not kids.”

What is your favorite food?

“Macaroni and cheese with hot sauce. It don’t you burn you though.”



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