10 minutes with… Skylar

At VOCEL, teachers encourage children to share ideas, and these ideas guide our discussions and activities. This helps children internalize the concept that their ideas are important and their opinions matter. Kick back with a cup of ‘jo and join us as VOCEL children share their ideas via “coffee” chats. Today, we introduce you to Skylar…


Good afternoon, Skylar. I’m going to interview you, or ask you some questions, and I’ll write down your responses so we can put your ideas and picture on the VOCEL blog. First, can you tell me about your family? 

“Yeah..So…we went to get a cake.”

“My family is Mommy…and Ti Ti..and my brother Jeremiah…and Uncle Manuel. Uncle Manuel tickled me, he’s a tickle bug!”

What is your favorite part about coming to school at VOCEL? 

“Mommy and Brother bring me to school in their car! I like to eat cake and share it with all of my friends.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

“I grow bigger and bigger like my brother. I want to be a great sister with my brother and be taller than my brother!”

What do you like about living in Chicago?  

“When the police come and save the day.”

What is your favorite food?

“Some lemon…I can drink lemon. A bagel, and chips, and I like animal chips. And DONUTS!”


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