5 Things Friday: Year 1 in 5 Frames

This week, VOCEL celebrated one year since opening our doors on the west side of Chicago. Many of you have supported VOCEL with your time, resources or simply your well wishes – thank you. Today, we’re giving you an inside look at VOCEL’s first year.

The familiar saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true when it comes to VOCEL. Images capture the emotions and thoughts of young children in a way that words often can’t. We’ve handpicked the following five images to tell the story of VOCEL’s journey through the first year. Each image represents one of VOCEL’s 5 Channels, the handful of approaches we use most to develop children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills. 

Join us in celebrating our first year supporting children and families with these images featuring the #VOCELkids, the reasons we do what we do each day.


Constant Conversations 



Supportive Relationships 



Shared Curiosity & Discovery



Exposure to Creativity with Opportunities to Create




Opportunities to Lead, Follow & Collaborate 





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