Our approach

Every day, we use a cyclical, organic approach in the classroom. It’s consistent yet flexible, giving children a sense of routine while flexing to meet their specific needs.

We’re committed to a child’s complete growth. By tailoring developmental plans to each child, we create an environment that promotes healthy, compassionate and literate children with critical thinking skills.

A child’s ability to communicate is the foundation for their future success, so we focus on language in everything we do. Our approach encourages active participation: story time isn’t simply about listening—it’s about sharing. And we love questions. They foster an open dialogue and remind us that no two kids think in quite the same way.

As much as our children learn from us, we’re always learning from them. We constantly evaluate our practices, honing them to best address what’s happening in the classroom.

The journey of a VOCEL child
VOCEL’s approach to learning has long-term effects. Discover how our early education program helps a child thrive throughout their lifetime and positively impacts those around them.

The journey of a VOCEL child

Recognized as their children’s first and most influential teachers, VOCEL works in partnership with children’s families to bridge school and home while also supporting each family’s individual needs.

A VOCEL child enters school with the ability to understand and follow their teachers’ directions. They resolve conflicts more easily because they can vocalize their frustration using the vocabulary they’ve learned.

3rd grade
As texts become increasingly challenging, they’re able to tackle more advanced words. This level of comprehension allows them to become further immersed in the more complex themes present in the books they read.

Middle school
Having absorbed critical social and emotional skills, they’re able to build successful friendships and improve their decision-making skills.

High school
A student can now write compelling college application essays using sophisticated language, opening the doors to life-changing opportunities.

In an environment that demands self-motivation, sacrifice and long-term vision­, they have the determination and oral communication skills to write papers and impress future employers—setting them up for success.

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