Our curriculum

Convinced that the best care and learning occurs through organic exploration and discovery, we embrace a child-driven approach to early learning.


Our teachers put our philosophy into practice every day, guided by a defined set of instructional methods developed by successful early education providers. We avoid working from a rigid curriculum, opting instead for a set of tactics that encourage curiosity and collaboration:

  • An interactive, comprehension-focused read-aloud model from the Atlanta Speech School’s Rollins Center for Language & Literacy
  • Conversation development utilizing the TALK (Tune in, Ask questions, Lift language, Keep it going) strategy
  • Vocabulary development via regular and intentional exposure to Tier II vocabulary, determined by each child’s unique interests
  • Developmental writing throughout children’s play, supported by a scaffolded writing technique

In addition, our teachers employ research-based techniques to cultivate an emotionally supportive classroom environment. With the support of our Director of Education, each instructor plans additional experiences—both in and outside of the classroom—born of each child’s interests and social tendencies.

If you think our curriculum could benefit your child’s education, please visit our program page for more information on enrolling.