Learning to love literature: a morning with Ms. Reidy

Being housed within Chicago Jesuit Academy (CJA), a tuition-free college prep middle school affords VOCEL many great opportunities for learning from the work and studies of the older students. As an added bonus, many of CJA’s staff and volunteers share their passions (and lots of hugs!) with the VOCEL kids. Today, we’re introducing you to one of those volunteers, Ms. Reidy.

Anticipation builds as we head inside. Calming our bodies from outdoor play is nearly impossible as anticipation builds on the way to our next destination: the library! (While our classroom library is filled with some fantastic books, nothing beats the chance to visit the “Big Boys’ Library” and see a real librarian.)



Ms. Reidy, CJA’s volunteer librarian, greets us with a warm smile as we file in and excitedly take our seats. From there, Ms. Reidy reveals the books she’s hand-picked for us to read this week and begins to read as smiles spread across both students’ and teachers’ faces. After the stories are finished, questions are asked, songs are sung , and even the occasional bookmarks are handed out. Without a doubt, the most joyous part of each visit comes when Ms. Reidy hands the books to one of our teachers as a donation to the VOCEL classroom library!

Thank you Ms. Reidy for sharing your time and pouring your love for literature into the young minds of VOCEL.



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