Our mission

VOCEL prepares young children for success in school and life through top-notch teaching and parent training.

Founded to bring exemplary education opportunities to underserved communities in Chicago, VOCEL helps kids develop self-regulation, language, social skills and cognition. Our innovative take on early learning is rooted in language development, parental training and an open, intentional teaching style. Through inquiry and play, children develop essential communication competencies, executive functions and interpersonal skills, while caregivers gain the knowledge, tools and support they need to help their children thrive.

Above all else, we emphasize language

By the age of five, nearly 90 percent of our brain is fully developed

Why put language first?

Research has found a 30 million word gap between children on welfare and their more affluent peers by age 3.

The number of words a child is exposed to between birth and age three is significantly correlated to the child’s later academic success and ultimate IQ.

By age four, a child in poverty hears 30 million fewer words than their higher-income peers

Recent expansion

We envision a world where all young children have access to the best in education. Recently, we’ve expanded our offerings beyond our state-of-the-art classrooms on Chicago’s West Side, adding a comprehensive and intensive learning acceleration program that serves both children and their caregivers.