Q&A: Meet one of VOCEL’s newest team members, Jamie Thomas

VOCEL is always on the look out for individuals who share a passion for quality early education and have ample experience working with young learners. Jamie Thomas brings all of that and more. Allow us to introduce you to Ms. Jamie!



Tell us a bit about your background. Where’d you grow up, go to school, etc.

I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught in Baltimore City for a couple of years before staying home with my daughter and starting in-home child care for teachers that I knew. This grew into a love for early childhood and now it’s my professional passion.

Tell us what brought you to the VOCEL Family and made you want to be a part of the team.

I have known Kelly and Jesse for several years. I had previously opened an early childhood program in Chicago and was eager to share my experiences with them as they worked to do the same. When I decided to leave my previous position and visited VOCEL, seeing the children explore and learn and meeting team members – it became really clear to me that I wanted to be a part of what is happening at VOCEL.

Tell us what your role is and what you do at VOCEL.

I am the Director of Strategy and Operations and on-site Assistant Director. I work to maintain our licensing and funding, assist in daily operations, and am very excited to help hone our plan for VOCEL’s growth to include a birth-3 year old program.

You’ve been at VOCEL for a few weeks now. What has been your favorite moment?

It is incredibly hard to pick just one favorite moment, but I really loved when the class invited us over to sample the fruit punch they made. They called us on the office phone and the kids and teachers invited us in unison. The kids were adorably excited.

What is your favorite part of the preschool day and why?

Personally greeting each child and their family members in the morning when they arrive! It is a great time to quickly connect with each one of them daily.

Join us in welcoming Ms. Jamie to the VOCEL Family! 


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