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Good Sports & VOCEL: partnering for healthy bodies, healthy minds

VOCEL is grateful for our partnership with Good Sports, a national organization that helps to lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles.

Like VOCEL, Good Sports believes that children of all ages should have the opportunity to participate in active play and athletics. To ensure that financial limitations or a lack of school resources don’t prevent children from having these important opportunities, Good Sports partners with youth organizations and schools in cities across the country. In 2014, Good Sports brought $500,000 of athletic equipment, footwear and apparel to nearly 100,000 children across the city of Chicago.

Good Sports sets up individual partnerships that will have a positive impact, whether children are 3 years old or 18. When VOCEL began its partnership with Good Sports, team members described that we wanted children’s outdoor play to be educational and fun. We believe children should come to preschool to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Good Sports stepped up to the plate, bringing each child in the VOCEL classroom a brand new pair of Saucony gym shoes, playground balls, hula hoops, jump ropes and cones. Chidren love finding creative ways to use the new materials. Thank you, Good Sports – we are excited to continue working with you!

Good Sports 1

Good Sport’s Chicago Director, Dave Whorton, poses with a group of children during outdoor play time.






More Than Words: Gifts That Keep on Giving

“There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”
– Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Children in VOCEL’s preschool classroom love reading — with teachers, by themselves and with other children — so teachers ensure there’s always a great supply of books in the classroom. We were overjoyed when one of our partners, local non-profit organization, More Than Milk, helped ensure VOCEL children had the access to high-quality literature to bring this love of books home with them each day.

This spring, More Than Milk collected hundreds of quality storybooks to stock a Lending Library where children can check out and return new stories to share with their families at home. The group even created custom VOCEL labels to put on the inside front cover of each book they donated. 



Several children at VOCEL come in to the office every evening at pick up time to return their book from the night before and select a new one to bring home. Perhaps one of the greatest sources of excitement for many of the children is checking the inside cover for the label and then exclaiming, “This book belongs to my school!”


Young children love novelty whether it be finding a new song, playing with a new toy or reading a new book. On top of that, we’ve seen the Lending Library help develop children’s sense of responsibility as they carefully select a book, place it gently into a protective carrying case and remind their parents that they have to keep it safe so they can bring it back and borrow another book.

Thank you, More Than Milk for your support of VOCEL’s program, children and families!



Partners & Pennies

Our VOCEL kids are always in awe of the middle schoolers at CJA, our partner school; so imagine how excited they were to contribute to CJA’s Penny Wars.

In anticipation of Pi Day (March 14th), Chicago Jesuit Academy (CJA), the middle school incubating VOCEL, had Penny Wars between the four grade levels.  Each penny was a positive point while all other coins and bills subtracted from the total.  Since the 7th and 8th grade young men share their corridor with VOCEL, we thought it would be a kind gesture to collect pennies in our classroom and gift them to the middle schoolers.  Not only did our kids get to count pennies and consider topics like estimation and quantity, they also discussed what it means to show compassion and do something kind for others.

Last Friday, three CJA 8th graders came to visit VOCEL and receive the collected pennies.  Our children were ecstatic to gift the pennies and the 8th graders were gracious and appreciative of the gesture.

Penny Wars

We’re fortunate to have role models for our young children right down the hallway. Now we are just waiting to see who wins the Penny Wars!


Cause & Affect

Our teachers are always illuminating cause and effect relationships in the classroom, but last month VOCEL was supported by local philanthropic event planning organization, Cause & Affect.

As VOCEL’s team works each day to achieve our goals for children’s growth, teachers are always thinking about embracing children’s desire to be helpful, knowing that one day they will be the citizens eager to help others and make the world a bettter place. Last summer, VOCEL co-founders were fortunate to meet Cause & Affect’s founder Alan Moy, who is taking his passion for social events and marketing to a whole new level by supporting non-profits along the way.

CA Final

In November, Moy hosted a football game tailgate party where all proceeds were split between VOCEL and a local high school. Cause & Affect’s gift to VOCEL was a scholarship for one child, to support the enriched program she experiences at VOCEL. Not only did the Cause & Affect event bring support to one of the families who attends VOCEL, but we had the opportunity to share VOCEL’s story with all tailgate attendees, spreading the word about the importance of quality early education.

Thanks Alan and Cause & Affect for supporting VOCEL. We love the example you are setting for our children and our community! Learn more about Cause & Affect here.


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