Redefining early education, child by child

VOCEL is an innovative take on early learning, rooted in language development and an open, intentional teaching style. Focused on kids as young as 6 weeks and as old as 5 years, we’re committed to developing children’s communication, interpersonal and executive function skills so they can thrive in school and succeed in life.

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Language first

In the VOCEL classroom, conversation is a constant. By the age of five, nearly 90% of the brain is fully developed, making it critical to engage kids in language acquisition and verbal expression as early as possible. We emphasize language above all else—it’s what connects children to each other, to their teachers and to the world around them. The way we help our children develop these skills is creative, proven and ever-evolving, informed by current research and shaped by our daily experience in the classroom. In the years ahead, we’ll expand VOCEL’s presence across Chicago, bringing our innovative focus on language development to both new sites and existing education programs.

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Our approach

Every day, we use a cyclical, organic method in the classroom. It’s consistent yet flexible, giving children a sense of routine while adapting to meet their needs.

We start with an innovative, research-driven plan, put into practice through language-based techniques. Based on behaviors and breakthroughs that emerge naturally in the classroom, we capture key takeaways and polish our approach.

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Together, we can empower our children to succeed. By donating to VOCEL, you’re contributing to our city’s future—because every dollar invested in early education yields a $7 return to society.

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We’re always looking for volunteers who share our passion for unlocking a child’s potential. Whether you have a few hours, or want to make a regular commitment, we’d love your help.

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Our partners share their knowledge and talents to help bring our vision to life. We partner with those who believe in our mission and want to be an active force in redefining early education.

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